Why Daily Linen Changing Should Be the Default Option

Published June 8th, 2020 by Hotel Business

Because COVID-19 is such a recent phenomenon it’s difficult to weigh factors and build equations to solve the mysteries of how to fight the virus in indoor and outdoor environments. We need more experience with it so we can analyze it better. In the meantime, avoidance of contact is the popular answer. For hotel and lodging housekeeping, this has manifested in the presumption that staff should stay out of guestrooms as much as possible during multi-night stays, an anathema to hospitality.

TRSA, the association for linen, uniform and facility services, recognizes that not all guests want their linens changed daily, especially with the uncertainty about how the virus spreads. But it should be guests’ choice, like “green” initiatives, whether to have their rooms cleaned. It should be a mandated policy to ask them if they prefer standard cleaning services.